When you’re a freelancer, need a modern way to write down notes! I personally use both Evernote, OneNote and 2Do (iPad App) to notetake whenever I need to. Here are some options for PC’s for recording notes.

1. A.nnotate


A.nnotate is a web service that allows making text notes, adding sticky notes to documents like PDFs or images. It enables you to create snapshots of favorite websites. Besides, you can share your notes with your fellow workers. Thanks to A.nnotate web nature, you have freedom to make notes from PC or your mobile device. Initially, you set a free account; later on you may switch to a paid version.


2. CintaNotes


CintaNotes is desktop freeware for making small notes. The software has web clipping functionality to save pieces of web pages and the document URL. CintaNotes organizes all notes according to categories and dates. Besides, the software suggests adding tags for each note to make search easier.

3. Diigo


Diigo is a web app to make notes and web clippings. Add Diigo to your web browsers and start organizing your ideas while surfing the Internet. Make bookmarks, highlight most important content, add text hints and share your Diigo notes with your team. Diigo is available for Android gadgets, iPad, iPhone or computer.

4. Evernote


Evernote is a top note taking solution. You make notes, web clippings, photo messages on the go or from your computer. All notes are synchronized in an online account. Evernote add-ons base – Trunk, enriches your note taking experience with lots of handy apps and tools. Thus, you always keep all ideas, inspirations and new knowledge at your fingertips.

5. GloboNote


GloboNote is open source note taking software. It’s a cross-platform tool designed as sticky notes. The software is easy to use. Put a yellow sticker on the desktop while working. You can freely move your stickers, edit or delete them. GloboNote is a perfect thing for plain text reminders.

6. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft One Note is a full-featured note taking tool. As a part of Microsoft Office suite, OneNote helps to add notes fast and develop fresh ideas. OneNote is a real digital notebook with bookmarks, structure, advanced text style formatting and image editing options. Now Microsoft OneNote works on mobile devices and PC.

7. PNotes


Pnotes is open source software for small notes. Pnotes organizes text notes into a structured notebook. Write a note, flag it or star it to work on the message later. Besides, there is an option to email a note if you plan to work on the go.

8. Tomboy


Tomboy is open source note making program provided by Gnome, who makes popular open source software like GIMP and InkScape. The tool is as simple as can be: write a note, link to another note to make connected content. Tomboy allows searching notes. However, note style editing is rather limited.

9. Xournal


Xournal is open source desktop software created in a diary format. Xournal helps to make drawings and text notes. Thus, you can express your fresh ideas in any manner you like. Xournal can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

10. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebooks is more than a note app. The web service allows you to make notes, web clippings, audio and video notes. You can share your Zoho notes and collaborate with partners on them. Besides, Zoho Notebooks allows importing Google Notebooks. Thus, Zoho is a useful app for those who want to still enjoy old Google Notebooks content since Google plans to shut down its Notebook service.

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